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Donaher's opponent makes disingenuous claim about property taxes


“I understand my opponent, Marcia Hahn, is touting during this campaign how she ‘co-authored HB 2329 which would enable school districts to exclude up to 100% of a home-owners school property tax bill.’

To claim that as an achievement is disingenuous, and hasn’t provided taxpayers, who pay her salary, all the facts. Here is why.

Up until the passage of HB 2329, school districts already had the option of excluding up to 50% of a homeowners property tax bill. Did that happen? No. The reason that never happened is because she and the state legislature could not find the revenue necessary to substitute for the elimination of 50% of property taxes. So now she and the GOP are touting the limit at 100%. Great! If the state legislature could not find the revenue to cover 50% of the property taxes in Pennsylvania, how in the world are they going to find the revenue to cover 100%?

The only way to achieve the goal of property tax reduction is to raise other streams of revenue. Governor Wolf has proposed an extraction tax on Marcellus Shale. The state House and Senate shot it down. Closing corporate tax loopholes that favor multi-billion dollar corporations were also defeated in the state House and Senate. However, the initiative proposed by the GOP controlled state legislature was to raise the personal income tax and the sales tax. Has that happened? No. I am not in favor of a tax shift, however, I do favor tax reduction, especially for our senior citizens.

Working in a bipartisan fashion, there are revenue streams that could be developed that would generate enough funds to substantially reduce the burden of property taxes on homeowners and senior citizens. The only way property taxes will ever begin to decrease is for the state legislature to find other streams of revenue to take the place of property taxes. That’s the reality and bottom line. Given the history of our current GOP state legislature and their ineffectiveness to institute any real change, I do not see that happening.

Further, my opponent would rather kick the can down the road and push the difficult decisions concerning school funding down to the local school district’s board of school directors. That way my opponent can say she never voted to raise taxes. She and our GOP state legislators have abdicated their duty to properly and responsibly fund our public schools, plain and simple. It’s easy to force someone else to make the tough decisions. Only a true leader accepts the responsibility and works to find a solution to the most difficult problems. I promise you that I will work to do more than just co-author a bill that has no meaning. I will work to find solutions to the problem. The GOP rhetoric is clear. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b.s.”

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